Friday, February 03, 2006

The Start

Thank you for reading my personal blog about The Divine Comedy project!

When I was first approached about The Divine Comedy feature films, it was as "Have they done it before? If so, when? Why hasn't been done lately?". So, I decided to investigate and started by buying a VHS tape online that seemed to be something done for TV. However, after I saw it I was dissappointed because it was simply a documentary and on top of that poorly made. So, I investigated further and I ended up with this information: click here.

Then, I realized that the only time in the history of film that there was a serious attempt to adapt Dante's masterpiece to the screen was done in 1911. It was the first movie production in Italian film history called "L'Inferno". This was the first part of The Divine Comedy since Purgatorio and Paradiso were never made. I then, wanted to see what they had done in 1911 and talked to the Library of Congress about obtaining a copy, yes right. Well, I was referred to a website where I learnt that "L'Inferno" had been restored and available on DVD. What a joy! I immediately obtained a copy and was delighed to see the great endeavour that filmakers of that time went through to accomplish a respectful interpretation of Inferno.

I was later encouraged to pursue the production of a full trilogy of The Divine Comedy - Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso. I prayed a lot and asked God for enlightment and guidance to make a decision. Then I realized that a had made this decision before I was born.

Boris Acosta


Blogger David Camp said...

Regarding your May 20th note about the choice of director Armand Mastroianni for these movies, it is good to hear that work on the movie is moving forward in a positive direction.
Now for a broader observation. Each of us is perpetuating the "spirit of Dante" in our own particular way. You are maintaining the Christian roots of his poem. I am taking a different approach. During his brief political career Dante tried to bring together two opposing political sides. I am perpetuating that unifying spirit in a more general way in my visual poem which attempts to bring together "East" and "West" as outlined in my brief notes page here:
-David Camp

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