Monday, February 27, 2006

The Audience

After the first table read and a few feedbacks came in, one of the readers brought to my attention who I wanted my audience to be. This point was raised because of the different changes that were suggested and my concern of keeping Dante's work as intact as possible. So, as Dante himself, I want to reach as wide of an audience as possible in order to make the biggest difference in the world for humanity's sake. Dante realized that he had to do something different to reach a wider audience than his previous work and his predecessors did, so he chose to write the first book in Italian instead of Latin. A book for the masses. This way he not only conquered Italy, but also the world later on.

I'm facing the same dilema, make the movies as close to Dante's writings as possible or cut many of the names and dialogs mentioned in the book that do not mean anything to most people in the world. In other words, reach a smaller educated audience or a larger one that has yet to learn about Dante himself and God's messages.

Dante chose the latter and I feel I must follow his steps. The only question now is who in reality the new audience will be.


Anonymous George Sabato said...

The Appeal of a Divine Commedy movie:

Conservative Christians--They will like the movie for it shows all sinners must come to Christianity, or face eternal damnation. They will enjoy seeing a Catholic Pope or two in the eternal flames.

Catholics--What can be more Catholic that a movie made from the writings of a great Catholic? Catholics will take credit for reforming their once corrupted church.

Youth--They will be dazzled by the cinemagraphic depictions of hell. Kids love horror movies--and what is more horrific than hell.

Older Generation--They will be inspired to get their act together on earth before their last day, coming soon to a life near you.

Romantics--They will be attracted Dante's to the eternal love for Beatrice.

Lovers of Politics--They will see all the parallels between the corrupt politicians in hell and those who run their country today.

Sports Fans--I don't remember any athletes in Dante's hell, but I imagine viewers could imagine a referee or two in the pits of hell. Maybe there were some gamblers in hell who bet on the Palio in Sienna?

Business Men/Women/Investors--They will relate to some of those money mongers in hell who are all too much like those Enron like folks who wiped out so many peoples' pensions.

Military--They will cheer seeing those ancient evil conquerers burning in the flames, imagining their modern day counterparts at their sides. Hitler, make room for Saddam.

I imagine just about everyone can imagine someone in his or her life who needs a reserved ticket in the Inferno. If the movie can capture this deep feeling, every person in every seat will connect.

George Sabato

6:37 PM  

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