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Dante Alighieri's Pardon from Exile

Today, after reading the news, (click here), it has become one of the most important days of my life. The world will change forever, as it did 700 years ago with the writing of Inferno and the start of the Italian language, fathered by the great Dante Alighieri. Dante's exile was arranged by his political enemies during his lifetime because of his demand to the Pope of the time to step down from power. The society of separation of Church and Politics we live in today in the free world is thanks to Dante Alighieri, who forced the Popes to relinquish political power, through his denounce of ALL Popes in Inferno.

It's been quite a few years since I've been advocating the idea of Florence pardoning Dante Alighieri from his exile. Today the day has come! And I thank God for listening and for making this a memorable day in my life as well as all Florentines, Italians and citizens of the world.

The letter below was sent on 02/15/08 to President Renzi of Florence, Italy. It was original in Italian, which can be read in another post. Here is the Italian translation into English:

From: Divine Project
Sent: 02/15/08 10:01 am
To: Presidente Renzi

Dear Mr. Renzi,

As you know, I'm in touch with Raffaella Spadoni who has shown interest in the quattrologia documentaries Inferno, Purgatory, Paradise and Dante himself, which
I'm producing.

Outside of these documentaries, let me know if you would be willing to consider giving
official forgiveness to Dante Alighieri's exile from Florence. This fact will make news worldwide and I will be willing to film a special documentary independently of what I am doing now. Also, it should be consider making a huge festival in Florence. I think the forgiveness from exile of Dante Alighieri will be very useful, to make the request in Ravenna to return his remains to Florence ...

I hope your direct response on this idea not later of Monday, February 18,since I'll leave for Europe Tuesday morning and will not be easy for me to access my e-mails.

Thank you and I'll see you soon.

Boris Acosta

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Florence President Renzi for taking my request seriously, the one that I've had closest to my heart. I also wish to thank the distinguished politicians Enrico Bosi and Massimo Pieri for presenting the motion to the Florentine municipality to permanently liberate Dante Alighieri from exile. Lastly, I thank all the municipality politicians that had the courage and the understanding to vote in favor of Dante Alighieri's motion to free him from exile forever. I salute today's Florentines!

Boris Acosta


Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations, boris. something bordering on miraculous i would say.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr Acosta:

Just found your site. Fascinated with Dante. The next step in this miraculous event would be the eventual canonization of the Divine Poet and the Translation of his body to Florence. If I read Dante right, this is what the Divine Poet desires:

"If ever it should happen that this sacred poem, to which both Heaven and Earth have set their hand, wearing me out in long years' toil, win over the cruel
hearts which keep me in exile from the sweet fold where I slept as a lamb, an enemy to the wolves who now make war upon it, then with a new voice and a new fleece I shall return, a poet, and be crowned with the laurel wreath at the font of my baptism."
Paradiso canto XXV

These words of the Divine Poet apply to the city of Florence in issuing the pardon:

"win over the cruel hearts which keep me in exile from the sweet fold where I slept as a lamb"

And these words were fulfilled, their cruel hearts were finally won over.

Dante is a Prophet.

The following words of the Divine Poet will be fulfilled when the Body of Dante is translated to Florence:

"then with a new voice and a new fleece I shall return, a poet, and be crowned with the laurel wreath at the font of my baptism."

But first Dante needs an advocate, someone to take up the cause to have his body translated from Ravenna to Florence.

"How quick that noble soul was to respond to the mere sound of his sweet city's name, by welcoming his fellow citizen"
pur. vi

That someone is most likely mentioned here:

"Thy first refuge and first hostelry shall be the courtesy
of the great Lombard, who on the ladder beareth the sacred bird,for he shall cast so benign regard on thee that of doing and demanding, that shall be first betwixt you two, which betwixt others most doth lag."
paradiso xvii

This someone from Lombard, a future pope maybe? I don't know, but the ordering of events has started, now the next event is the Divine Poet's canonization and the translation of Dante to Florence

Michael Warning

10:03 AM  

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